A Woman’s Fit

It’s a matter of anatomy.

At Centre City Cycles, we know that no matter how much marketing hype and flowery branding you bandy about, slapping a coat of pink paint on a bike frame built for a guy simply doesn’t fly for the women.  That’s where the comprehensive R&D Departments of our bike companies have done their homework to create bikes and equipment for women based on extensive research and feedback from – get this: real women riders. Frames and components proportionally sized and designed for the female form, and thankfully, saddles that really fit where you sit.

Frame construction

Bikes are engineered to take into account that women on a per-height basis are 30 pounds lighter than men. This allows the bikes, in some cases,  to be constructed lighter and more efficiently, thus eliminating unneeded bulk from the frame.

Women’s-specific components

From the drive train to handlebars, the bikes are designed to optimize ride feel specific to a women’s style and needs.

All about comfort

Women are built differently than men and need equipment that reflect this. In addition to bikes built with female body geometry in mind. Our bike companies also offer a wide range of women’s specific gear such as saddles, grips and clothing.